With the advent of social media, if you didn’t post it on your feed, did it even really happen?

This applies doubly so to Delray Beach, as when everyone hears of what a good time that you had, they won’t be able to believe you. So prove it with photos worthy of all your accounts. Fortunately, Delray Beach has no lack of perfect places for a snapshot, no matter your skill with a camera. Next time that you’re down there, you have to stop by and check out these top Instagram Worthy Hot Spots in Delray Beach.

Pineapple Grove

When your feed needs something fresh and funky, Pineapple Grove is the place to be. This district is full of art and artists, which means that it has a ton of murals, but one that stands out is the Dancing Pineapples. The bright, funky colors and cheerful fruits of Pineapple Grove’s landmark mural coat the side of local boutique Love Shack (which is worth a visit in and of itself). Try for a selfie of you in front of the largest pineapple for a quirky profile picture, or go for a distance shot so that you can stand out against the bright yellows and pinks. You could also strike envy into all of your followers when you take a shot of the bracelet that you bought from a vendor at the First Friday Art Walk. With live music and local arts vendors, there are too many perfect opportunities for a great photo for your feed.

The Restaurants

When it comes to oceanfront views, no one can beat 50 Ocean. Being located directly in front of the Atlantic Ocean means that diners get to flaunt photos of the crystal blue waters and white sands to their feeds, when they’re not showing off pictures that they took of artfully plated meals such as grouper encrusted with blue crab. The menu’s selections show off the area’s bounty of fresh ingredients, which the restaurant’s chefs work to procure from small businesses. That means that your photo of your Beets & Burratta salad doesn’t just taste good and look good on your Facebook wall, it also does good as well!

Sundy House

Of course, one of the oldest houses in Delray Beach would make our list. How could it not, when its staff works so hard to maintain its Old Florida charm? The Sundy House has held many roles as the home for the first mayor of Delray Beach and his family, a church, a bank, and a schoolhouse. Today, it serves as a bed and breakfast, a restaurant, and a garden to stroll through. Every part of the Sundy House is worthy of your feed, including your charmingly decorated room, your plate of Powdered Sugar Mini Donuts for Saturday Brunch in their whimsically decorated restaurant, and the lushly decorated Taru Garden. We must save special mention to the Cenote Pond. Designed off of sinkholes in the Yucatán Peninsula, this “living pond” is full of tropical foliage. Keep an eye out and your camera ready – if you’re careful enough, you might spot some of the fish swimming around in the pond.

Delray Beach (the beach itself, that is)

The city has up to two miles of beachfront for its residents and their guests to enjoy. Two whole miles to read a book on the white sands. Two whole miles to swim through the blue waters of. Two whole miles to walk through the shore and pick out seashells. Most importantly, this is two whole miles to take photos of yourself doing all of these things! Whether you head up north to take advantage of the relative solitude, or stay to the south and enjoy the vibrant city atmosphere, you’re in the best possible spot to grab a photo!

Atlantic Avenue

Delray Beach’s shopping strip has instilled images of high-end designers, luxury shops, and dinners at some of the best restaurants in the world. As residents and guests of Atlantic Avenue, we can confirm it. While the entirety of Delray Beach is stuffed full of holistic experiences and chi chi shopping, Atlantic Avenue is where the area’s best comes together. Spend a Sunday afternoon strolling through boutiques such as Bolufé, known for its love of the upscale and the uptown, and Ramona La Rue, for its blend of art and fashion. Once you’ve shopped to your heart’s content, you have to stop for steaks at Prime, where the contemporary interior matches the modern approaches to classic foods.

Delray Beach is full of places to get the perfect photo. Even the residences have a level of beauty to them that’s unparalleled. When you come home from the city at the end of the day, make sure that you live as beautifully as you play. Ocean Delray is a coastal-modern, oceanfront estate tower located in the vibrant, intimate town with big city sophistication, Delray Beach. A boutique, 3-story, luxury development consists of just 19 residences including 1 penthouse. Ocean Delray offers the rare opportunity to live the “oceanfront lifestyle” in the ultimate luxury.

The contemporary design of this project, by award-winning architect Randall Stofft, boasts large open balconies for convenient outdoor living, oversized open floor plans, and private elevators opening directly to each residence. Located directly on the Atlantic Ocean and within walking distance of the famed Atlantic Ave with upscale shops, fine restaurants, nighttime entertainment and, of course, the incomparable beauty of nearly two miles of award-winning beaches.

The vision of this project comes from the Real Estate development firm, U.S. Construction, who has set the standard for innovative, modern living with several stunning luxury residences throughout the east coast.

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